Wojciech Odrobina Longford

Wojciech Odrobina Longford Current architecture

The current architecture is directed towards a functionalism of the buildings, inheritance of recalcitrant modernism that many still defend today.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford

Examples of huge residential buildings that seem more prisons or maximum security prisons are photographed and shared on social networks, such as the “end of architecture.” 

The current architecture on the one hand wants to be ecological and greener, leading the processes towards sustainability with the environment but denies the aesthetics that the Greeks and Romans extolled. The visual pollution caused by buildings is the responsibility of architects and clients.

Mass media and states have declared some architects “stars.” The frivolization of architecture, the globalization of ideas, the massification of concepts of what is good in architecture and what is old or bad is common currency. Ignorance of local architectural traditions by architects and the history of the city is frequent. 

Many are producers of ugliness, for a matter of greed (not only their own but also the client’s) and the frenzy to reduce project costs.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford

“Once we begin to celebrate ugliness, we also become ugly. In the same way that art and architecture have been relieved, our manners, our relationships and our language have become rough ” – Wojciech Odrobina Longford

The “star architects” earn their name for being exposed their mansions of millions of dollars in architectural magazines and not for preserving the architectural tradition of a town or city. They are mere gears of a system of greed and impunity, which leave aberrant images of buildings in exchange for money.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford

The “star architects” want to standardize nations and dress them with the same symbolism instead of embracing their idiosyncrasies and their way of being. The Italian Baroque architects who built in Rome, when they were called to design in Russia or Germany, spent months or years trying to get to know the city or region, their customs and their ways of seeing life.

Calatrava designs the same bridge for Dublin, Buenos Aires and other cities as a seal of itself and what is better to be global than local; not be of any place and have no identity.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford

The architects in the current architecture, have become mere partners of the State, followers of norms and laws and worshipers of the money god. 

The legacy of ugliness, lack of culture and aesthetic degeneration that they leave behind, they care little as well as the client’s wishes and increase the possibilities of use and comfort of the designed space.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford

Wojciech Odrobina Longford is a respectable architect with vast experience in all areas of construction. He takes great pride in the foundation and the execution of projects that involve brick, cinderblock, and steel buildings.

He will never say no to a project if it makes sense. He will also never leave the project halfway because he understands that execution is vital for an architects reputation.