Wojciech Odrobina What worries an architect today?

Wojciech Odrobina says that whatThe architects are most concerned about is the role their profession plays in the whole of society. As a collective

 What can we bring you and to what extent does society really consider us as thinkers and professionals?

Wojciech Odrobina  Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina Architecture

Why the incessant increase in regulations, technical codes and legal frameworks that guide and guide the proposals architectural? Could it be that society no longer trusts us and they have to confine us so that we do not waste their resources? What percentage of architects participate in the configuration of these standards?

Before, the architect was the one who watched over the correct execution of a work as a mediator between the construction company and the client. Now many of the public tenders are awarded to the construction company and not to the architect, and it is the construction company that watches over the client’s interests, closely monitoring the architect.

In short, with the new careers covered, new professionals with purely technical training may perhaps direct the works based on plans made by architects, thus truncating one of the most transcendental phases in the materialization of a work. In this way, a building will be valid only if it complies with the legal framework. What is happening to us? What are we architects doing wrong? What are we neglecting?

Wojciech Odrobina – Conditioned by today’s reality, an architect should be concerned with how to establish a construction rhythm that makes a qualitative growth of the city sustainable, not based on the occupation of new land. The crisis has established a moratorium that must allow us to rethink the city and its balance with the territory, with the landscape and with the profile of the coasts.

Wojciech Odrobina  Architect
Wojciech Odrobina Architect

We are concerned with how to articulate an intensification of what is built, build the city by improving what already exists and successfully replacing what is accepted simply by being present. Reuse obsolete or underused infrastructures and buildings with new uses.

To revive, through quality, the construction activity necessary to vitalize the economy and to allow the survival of our cities Wojciech Odrobina

It is disturbing to see that architects do not inhabit a place from which to clearly explain the interest and need for our work.

The city changes at breakneck rhythms driven by the energy, ambitions, and strength of capital, but I am not very clear that we are really participating in these changes with our knowledge and imagination, but rather giving final shape to a scenario whose rules are written by others. .

Wojciech Odrobina Ireland
Wojciech Odrobina Ireland

We architects want to participate in establishing prestigious and quality models; helping people to look beyond what they know and encouraging them to wish for what would never have occurred to them; make clear the enormous added value wasted by a systematic consumer interpretation of our products; explain without childish fascinations what is the poetic potential of novelties such as sustainability or new technologies and how they can help build a physical support that is the greatest pride of advanced civil society.

 Wojciech Odrobina – In a context of crisis, we architects are concerned that the lesson is not learned with all its transparency and that the moment is not used to take certain healthy turns and eliminate once and for all some clichés that weigh down the enormous potential of that conglomerate fascinating that is urban culture.