Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture

Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture tells us that the Architect is a professional who is in charge of the projection, direction, design, and planning of buildings, urbanizations, among others.

They are creators of livable and sustainable spaces, they respect the urban context and try to find the relationship of this with the environment, they seek the solution to spatial problems that come to present that harm or harm the city.

Maintain a spatial order, create relationships Through architecture, an endless number of functions that it performs for society, not only a particular client works for society.

The architect will be continually forced to be something different to build.

He will have to become a sociologist, politician, psychologist, anthropologist, semiotic … and the situation will not change if he does it working as a team, that is, making all the previous professionals work with him.

Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture

Forced to discover ways that constitute systems of demand over which he has no power; forced to articulate a language, architecture, which must always say something different from itself (which does not happen in the verbal language, which on an aesthetic level can speak of its own forms; nor in painting, which can paint its own laws, and even less in music, which only organizes syntactic relations internal to its own system).

The architect is condemned, by the very nature of his work, to be with all certainty the only and last humanistic figure of contemporary society; forced to think the whole precisely to the extent that he is a specialized sector technician, dedicated to specific operations and not to make metaphysical statements.

Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture From that point of view, architects are a necessary agent for society, which entrusts us with the ideation and construction of the human institutions that make up the habitat where we live our daily lives.

Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina Society and Architecture

The Architectural Projects are the ones that make the most changes in society, at the time of constructing a building, be it a home, business or office, it causes an impact, which can be positive or negative for the city where the project is being carried out. .

The impact of architecture on society is and will continue to be fundamental for the development and evolution of human life and civilization, everything that is built will influence the daily life of people, as it is improving and adapting the design to the urban environment.

Wojciech Odrobina What is architecture and types of architecture

Wojciech Odrobina What is architecture In many dictionaries and writings on this subject, it is said that architecture is an art, in some it is mentioned that it is the art and technique associated with projecting, constructing and modifying living spaces.

Wojciech Odrobina What is architecture?

In reality, architecture is an excellent combination of knowledge, which allows the specialized person, in this case, the architect, to delve into the needs of people and translate them into projects that mean spaces for their development, such as Example: houses, offices, shops, industries, recreation, culture, services dedicated to health, whether public or private, and all kinds of buildings with different uses and functions.

Tools offered by the architecture:

Therefore, architecture is a profession that gives the architect the tools to capture what is needed in terms of:

– Functioning

– Quantity

– Spatial quality of the environments

Having, in some cases, specialize in certain types of projects, which require it, so that they can comply with the special rules and characteristics that they must have, such as, for example, sanitary, urban planning or landscaping projects.

The role of the architect:

In this type of profession, the architect is capable of modifying the context in which life unfolds, improving with his designs and constructions the habitat of those who have trusted his skills and techniques to make it so.

Since ancient times, the architect meant the one who builds, the boss or authority who designs and builds. In our days, that has been the work that all these professionals dedicated to architecture, plan cities, subdivisions, buildings of all kinds and of course be up to date with new construction techniques. The architect must also be part of a team of engineering professionals, who make it possible for a project to be carried out with the best conditions for structural, sanitary and electrical design, which are the basis of all construction along with the architectural project.

Wojciech Odrobina types of architecture

Among the most significant types of architecture we can mention the following:

Wojciech Odrobina Types of Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina Types of Architecture

* Historical or stylistic architecture: this type of architecture is defined depending on the historical cycle where it has been developed and its design style, such as classical, baroque, modern, contemporary, minimalist, etc.

* Popular architecture: What is popular architecture? It is the one that arises spontaneously, with the use of the materials available, the designs and construction are given by the generational tradition, without the participation of professionals in this career. Currently, this type of architecture relegated to underdeveloped sectors of the communities.

* Sustainable or ecological architecture: What is sustainable architecture? It is the one that is governed by certain designs for energy saving, taking advantage of the climatic, topographic and contextual characteristics of the area.

* The organic architecture refers to the one that is designed giving priority to the functionality and it seeks harmony with the natural environment.

Wojciech Odrobina What is architecture according to its functionality?
Wojciech Odrobina What is architecture
Wojciech Odrobina Funtionality of Architecture

Depending on the function that is fulfilled in a project, you can find different types of architecture, among which we find the following:

– Residential architecture:

Single-family and multi-family homes.

– Cultural architecture:

What is cultural architecture?

Spaces dedicated to teaching, such as schools of different levels.

Spaces dedicated to the arts such as exhibition halls, concert halls, theaters, art galleries, auditoriums for theater, dance and other artistic performances.

Religious facilities such as churches, spaces for religious services.

Funeral homes and cemeteries, services that are within the cultural aspects of a region.