Wojciech Odrobina Function and form in architecture

Wojciech Odrobina Function and form The relationship between form and function is linked to Architecture and Engineering, as elements of social commitment and endless production, without end.

Very often the professors of the different schools of architecture take our students to identify the function by its architectural form, combining both is the end product of any architectural project, always looking for the volume without forgetting the criteria and evaluation of their system structural and its functional solution.

“In order to understand architecture, it is important that we take into account the most subtle and powerful principle of all the arts: the intimate and complete integration between structure, material and form”- Wojciech odrobina

Wojciech Odrobina Function and Form
Wojciech Odrobina Function and Form

When designing, excellence is sought, we want to exalt beauty in architectural forms that respond to the contained function and for which a project is carried out, a necessity. In the trio form-function-structure, without separating its importance or without give more to one than the other, the function is the cause of any project, and the structural conception should not be a limitation in the face of new architectural spaces: great lights and great heights, also responding with the new construction systems applied to maintain the binomial Updated of the Form-Function relationship.

Wojciech Odrobina Function and Form – The duty to be in the form of any building is to comply with the function and with new technological advances, committed through research, sincere study and a program of activities and areas, from there logically and the form will not be a whim In response to new conceptual models, architecture must comply with the new formalities and the cultural and social changes to which it is due.

The obsession with the form itself and defended by the post-modernist trend: the building is treated as a work of art, as an object of provocative forms and sets of plans, with the sole purpose of obtaining effects of an aesthetic nature. 

But although architecture is to be seen, explore styles, etc … the dissociated forms of its function make it lose the proper sense of what architecture is and what this discipline owes, the reality to which it must respond.

Does form follow function?
Wojciech Odrobina Function and form designs in  architecture
Wojciech Odrobina Function and form designs in architecture

For the development of the current Architecture, the variables to be solved, among many others, include the formal, the technological and the functional, working from the beginning so as not to fall into exaggerations or whims. 

These must be present from the first moment to create that impossible relationship of separate and culminate with a valuable architectural project.

Clarity and conceptual basis are the qualities that architecture values ​​in the design of a building. The reinforcement of concepts will open up a range of infinite possibilities to try to find the ideal shape for a project.

To begin any design process, it is necessary to recognize the need to solve a problem with the intention of solving it.